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                Professor Liang HE Elected as A member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the ACE

                Date:Apr 20, 2021 14:19 Source:School of Civil Engineering Views:


                On April 15, the Archives of Civil Engineering (ACE) announced the new appointment of Professor Liang HE from the School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University as a member of its Scientific Advisory Committee.


                Created in 1954 by the Polish Academy of Sciences, ACE is a well-known international journal in the field of civil engineering (https://ace.il.pw.edu.pl/) included in EI and is now cosponsored by the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology. The journal publishes original research papers on structural mechanics, soil mechanics, foundations, bricks, concrete, timber, steel, glass and composite polymer structures, hydraulic structures, bridges, railway and road structures, building physics, building management, building materials, transportation, land survey, building services and the theory, experiments, numeric values and practice of civil engineer education. The appointment of Professor Liang HE as a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee is conducive to enhancing the international academic influence of Chongqing Jiaotong University in the field of civil engineering researches.


                http://news.cqjtu.edu.cn/__local/2/A4/33/49CD9E425AA484F8AF23B10BF5F_07AFCE67_210FA.png Liang HE: Professor of the School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Ph.D. of Southeast University, Postdoctor and Doctoral Supervisor of the University of Nottingham, PhD supervisor, Chongqing Bayu Culture Scholar as well as the winner of Newton Advanced Fellowship for two sessions. Mainly engaged in the researches on asphalt concrete self-healing, bio-asphalt, porous asphalt and asphalt rubber mixture, steel slag asphalt mixture, asphalt pavement regeneration technology, asphalt and its rheological characterization, life circle assessment (LCA), molecular dynamics method, discrete element method and finite element method and modeling, surface modification of rubber concrete and granular rubber, etc.