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                Apply Online
                Apply Online
                Video of Chongqing
                Video of Chongqing
                Video of CQJTU
                Chongqing Jiaotong University (CQJTU), founded in 1951, is a multi-disciplinary university which has a “bachelor-master-doctor” multilevel talent cultivation system and covers a great variety of disciplines from engineering to management, economics, science, art and law. The University has three campuses: Nan’an, Shuangfu and Daping. Together, they occupy an area of nearly 2,900 Mu (1,9...
                The Best Bridge Design Should be People Oriented- Experts
                Chongqing- A Bridge Engineering Aesthetics Forum was held in Chongqing on December 14. The basic principles of bridge-building are safety, applicability, economy, and beauty. How to properly satisfy and balance these four elements is the art of bridge-building, and must be people-oriented. The design of a bridge must meet not only the diverse travel needs but also the aesthetic feelings about t...
                Congratulations: Academic Work in English Co-authored by Professors of Our School Published by Internationally Renowned Springer Publishing
                Recently, the Numerical Modeling of Soil Constitutive Relationship, an academic work co-authored by Professor Qingyang Ren and Professor Jianting Zhou, was published as both paper and electronic publication by Springer, an internationally famous publishing house of academic journals and books. Ranked among the world's largest academic publishers, Springer has been known for its rigorous academi...
                2020-09-08 17:13:28
                Timetable of Staff Shuttle Bus in the Fall Term of 2020
                ?Since September 7, 2020, the operation time and route of the shuttle bus of Shuangfu Campus are arranged as follows according to the school’s arrangement.??ScheduleRouteMondays to FridaysNan’an Campus07:00Nan’an Campus – Shuangfu Campus07:30Nan’an...
                2020-06-29 12:55:19
                Timetable of Staff Shuttle Bus in the Spring Term of 2020
                Since June 8, 2020, the operation time and route of the staff shuttle bus of Shuangfu Campus are arranged as follows according to epidemic prevention and control requirements and teaching tasks: Schedule Route Mondays to Fridays Nan’an Campus 07:00 Nan...
                2020-06-29 12:52:39
                Notice on Limited Opening Hours
                Dear readers:According to the general arrangement of the university, to satisfy teachers and students’ need for using the library during the epidemic, the library will be opened for limited hours from June 8, 2020.I. Opening hoursFrom Monday to Sunday, 8:0...